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Factory on manufacture of fuel briquettes in Yarinovka

April 2009
Factory on manufacture of fuel briquettes in Yarinovka
Wood briquettes
Grinding-drying unit AS-4, briquetting line, briquettes
Heat generator, AS unit, wood briquettes
Fuel briquettes

Factory on manufacture of fuel briquettes «Pini-Kay» from a wood waste and peat by capacity 1 t/hour in Jarinovka, of Bereznovsky area, of the Rovno region, Ukraine. We have made the capital equipment - the Unit of drying-crushing AS-4-1000 and heat generator TG-1 (1 MW). Consultation on installation and adjustment is carried out. The equipment is made for 2 months. The factory is started in operation in April, 2009, works stably. Wood fuel briquettes are shipped basically for export. The customer is happy. In coordination with the owner of factory, its visiting for a small payment (conditions: the first Wednesday of each month - 100$ for group of 3 persons + 50$ for each additional person; any other day - 300$ + 50$ accordingly). With that end in view it is possible to address directly to the owner of factory - to Kozljuk Vadim, (ph. +380 963 323 027), or in our representatives in Ukraine.

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