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Factory on manufacture of the granulated forages by capacity 1 ... 1,5 t/hour
Factory on manufacture of fuel pellets by capacity 1 ... 1,5 t/hour
Factory on manufacture of fuel briquettes by capacity 1 ... 1,5 t/hour with chipper and grinder of rolled straw
Complex of the equipment for manufacture of a wood flour by capacity 0,5 t/hour
Factory on manufacture of fuel briquettes by capacity 1 ... 1,5 t/hour with grinder of rolled straw

Limited Liability Company “SP-Co” had been established in 2000.
Since 2005 our specialization developed to:
- Equipment design and manufacture (both separate elements and packaged plants) for the fuel pellets production, briquettes, granulated feed, wood flour and other products;
- Design and manufacture of the storage bins and raw material transfer (biomass) facilities, dryers, power generators, transfer conveyors, bar conveyors, presses, coolers, cyclone collectors and many other;
- Turnkey biofuel production projects.
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in detail
The equipment of the plant on processing of a rabbit dung is shipped (plant No. 75) which will solve environmental problems of the big enterprise on cultivation of rabbits in the Orenburg region. Design capacity of the plant – 2 tons per hour of qualitative organic fertilizers. Our enterprise has made pre-design preparation and has manufactured all processing equipment of the plant.
In the Nizhny Novgorod Region installation of equipment of the plant on processing of a chicken dung with power up to 1,5 tons per hour (plant No. 73) with a drying section on the basis of the Aggregate AC-4-1500 is finished. Start of the plant in maintenance is planned for January, 2018.
The SP-Co plant has arranged production of pellets coolers of new generation. The line of coolers of granules was replenished with models with the pneumatic drive of the device of unloading of granules. Such scheme of the drive of unloading system of granules is more reliable ...
A series of experiments on development of technology of processing (utilization) of sludge deposits of fields of a filtration (solid part of sewer drains) has come to the end with success. The first experiments have been made in 2012, however they haven't led to positive result on the reason of extremely high stickiness and viscosity of initial raw material.
On November 5, 2015 by request of investors from the Moscow region on a test platform in Pskov the next experiment on processing of sugar beet pulp was made. For experiment sugar beet pulp which is previously wrung out to relative humidity of 70 - 75% was provided by the Customer ...
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